Ways You Can Earn Ethics CE

Posted by Debby Formica on 04/24/2018 - 3:29 PM

As a board-certified case manager, you have made the commitment to yourself, your clients and the profession to uphold a high standard of ethical excellence. Part of the Commission’s values is to advocate for consumer protection, quality case management practice and ethical standards and behavior. This is why the Commission introduced the Ethics CE requirement for renewal in 2015 along with the update to the Code of Professional Conduct.

We understand that this renewal cycle is the first time you are encountering this new Ethics requirement and that some of you go-getters may have had your 80 CEs completed for this renewal cycle years ago before the Ethics requirement was introduced. Therefore, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to earn the Ethics CEs you need to renew your credential and continue advancing your career!

Here are some of the ways you can earn your Ethics CEs:

  • CCMC Code of Professional Conduct: Two continuing education credits are available FREE to CCMs based on the CCMC Code of Professional Conduct. Just review the material and take the Ethics post-test!
  • Recorded Webinar: Earn 1 Ethics CE after watching the webinar Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Day-to-Day Practice and completing the post test.
  • Pace Directory: Currently, there are over 160 Ethics related continuing education credits listed in the PACE directory. All the courses pre-approved for CCM renewal are found in the searchable directory. They include webinars, onsite events, journal articles, home-based learning courses and web-based education.
  • Case Management Body of Knowledge®: The Commission's CMBOK® contains 10 Ethics CEs. A total of 103 CEs are currently included in the subscription to CMBOK. Please access the CMBOK through your CCM account to receive a discounted rate of $99.

Still, have questions about earning your Ethics CEs? Give our Renewal Navigators a call at 856-380-6836, they are available Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EDT.


This new requirement is important but it creates an undue burden to have introduced the requirement within a short time frame closer to renewal. When you have just 2 years to meet these parameters it really is stressful.. CCMC should be waiving fees for CCM's that perhaps have non preapproved CE's for ethics as we did not have a full 5 years to meet the requirement. I did want to voice my disappointment in the way this was implemented.

Hi Ilene,
We apologize that you feel this requirement is stressful, we have made every effort to make this process easier for all CCMs. We have reached out to all renewals with free resources for ethics CEs. If you need more information in regards to the free ethics courses that are offered, please reach out to one of our renewal navigators at 856-380-6836.

It looks like we have to allow 6 weeks to get results of post test for ethics CEUs.
If that is correct, it is too late for me to submit before my May 31renewal date.
Am I correct?
Also, I have tried to return CCM’s phone all message twice and have been told to leave a message with no return of call. Is there another way of contact?
Thank you.

Hi Pam,
Thank you for reaching out. The CE post-test is now available online, and the results are available immediately. Please follow this link to complete the online post-test: https://ccmcertification.org/about-ccmc/code-professional-conduct/ccmc-c....

Our renewal navigators typically return all voicemails within 24 hours and we apologize for not reaching back out to you. As we do not have another customer service line, you can always contact us via email at ccmchq@ccmcertification.org.

How many Ethics CE are required for CCMC renewal

Hi Vickie,
Thank you for reaching out! 8 Ethics CEs are required for CCM renewal. You can find more information about renewal requirements in our Renewal Guide: https://ccmcertification.org/stay-certified/renewal/renewal-guide.

Thank you!

I have tried to reach the free CEs for ethics as documented in a couple articles I found online. Unfortunately, when I try to access the link, it tells me it is no longer active. What is the correct link to access the free CEs?

For future reference, it would be nice if CCMs were notified in advance about new requirements. I just learned of this a month or so ago and I attend local CMSA meetings. It is a burden to come up with the required CEs when we do not know in advance.

Hi Terri,
Thank you for reaching out. The Ethics requirement was rolled out in 2015, at that time all CCMs were notified and the renewal guide was updated. The Commission has taken every step to ensure that all May 2018 renewals were aware of the requirement beginning in January 2018 and were given the resources needed to find Ethics CE. For assistance with accessing the free Ethics courses that The Commission is offering, please contact a renewal navigator at 856-380-6836.

I reviewed the online courses listed on PACE and tried to complete a free course. I am having trouble getting the course to come up. I called the office and asked for assistance and was told to access it through Google Chrome. I tried that and am experiencing the same problem I encountered with IE. How do you access the free ce courses?

Hi Terri,
Thank you for reaching back out, we apologize that you are encountering issues. Please contact a renewal navigator at 856-380-6836. They can provide you with a direct link to access this course.


Thanks you for letting me know about the extended date, however I, not able to access emails until saturday. Do I still have a chance to complete CE requirements 30 days past 5/31 to maintain certification status?

The deadline has been extended until today, June 11th. If you would like to renew 30 days past the deadline, you must have a clear and compelling reason, that can be documented, for having missed the renewal deadline. Please review the Renewal Guide (found here: https://ccmcertification.org/sites/default/files/docs/2018/ccmc-17-guide...) for the information about the late renewal process or call customer service at 856-380-6836.

Hi, I found a CEU course entitled Law and Ethics in Clinical Practice, mostly geared toward psychologists and mental health workers, but would this satisfy the requirement for renewal of my CCM ? It is a 6 credit course. Thanks, Mary

Thanks for contacting CCMC. CCMs expiring 2018 and after will need a total of eight (8) ethics CEs. Courses that contain "Ethics" in the title or in the learning objectives must be used to fulfill the requirement. Because this course is titled "Law and Ethics in Clinical Practice", this will contribute to the required amount of ethics CEs that you need to fulfill the requirement. Please take advantage of our FREE ethics course, worth 2 CEs. Simply read "CCMC's Code of Professional Conduct" and complete the CE posttest which can be found here: https://ccmcertification.org/about-ccmc/code-professional-conduct/ccmc-c...

I am trying to find out how many ethic CEUs are required for renewal each year (2018 & 2019) but cannot find the information through search.

Thanks for contacting CCMC. CCMs expiring 2018 and after will need a total of eight ethics CEs. Please review page 4 of the Renewal Guide, found here: https://ccmcertification.org/sites/default/files/docs/2018/ccmc-17-guide...

There is a free 1-hour course that is CCMC pre-approved and meets the ethics training requirement on Nurse.com. The course is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.


Thank you, Vince, for sharing this! Please feel free to email me at mitojo@comporium.net if you happen upon any additional free ethics courses. That is all I need now for my renewal. :) Thank you, Toni

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