Review the entire Certification Guide to determine if you are eligible to take the exam.

Qualify with ONE of the Following Education Categories

Examples: RN, LCSW, Rx

Baccalaureate or Master's Degree from an institution, in a Health or Human Services Field

Examples: CRC, CDMS

AND ONE of the Employment Categories

12 Months Full-Time Case Managment Experience

**Supervised by a CCM


24 Months Full-Time Case Managment Experience

**Supervisor does NOT have to be a CCM


12 Months Full-Time Case Managment Experience

**As a Supervisor of individuals who provide Case Managment

Note: The Commission Does NOT Require Pre-Requisite Courses or Programs to Take or Prepare for the Exam. 

* This is NOT a Conclusive List of Licenses and Certifications. Some Licenses Do Not Allow for Independent Practice. If Your License Does NOT Allow You to Independently Practice, Please Consider Using Your Degree to Apply.

**Employment Experience MUST Meet the Conditions Outlined Under Section 5 of the CCMC Certification Guide.

+The Individual MUST have Completed a Supervised Field Experience in Case Management, Health, or Behavioral Health.