CMLearning Network

The CMLearning Network® is a learning hub and network for information about the current and future practice of high-quality, patient-centered case management services. It is part of our work at the Commission to advance the ongoing education and training of both the board-certified case manager and the professional case manager through certification, renewal and continuing education.

To address today’s workforce development needs, the CMLearning Network was created by the Commission to advance knowledge and rapidly expand learning opportunities.  The Commission's New World Symposiumissue briefsour journal, e-newsletter, workshopswebinars, and other learning tools address current topics in an easy-to-access format—the right information at the right time for the board-certified case manager, the professional case manager, and others who recognize the importance of quality case management practice in a range of settings. Hear from colleagues in the field, policymakers that impact the profession, federal and state agencies that write the rules, employers that employ professional case managers in new ways to meet challenges, and leadership of the Commission. Check out this infographic to see everything the CMLearning Network has to offer!


Because ours is a “network” for learning, we also invite other organizations that offer continuing education for case managers to pursue pre-approval for CEs through our PACE program, which is a streamlined path for organizations that offer continuing education for CCM certificants to gain approval for their programs.